fashion by mayhem





This is too amazing not to share. It’s like Project Runway in a kid’s craft room. Mayhem’s mom is, dare I say, the coolest! She encourages her daughter to dream and be creative–what little girl hasn’t fantasize about dressing up like a princess or a superhero? Together, they make the dresses out of paper and other cheap, crafty materials. What a great opportunity for bonding and learning. Fashion by Mayhem has taken dress up to whole new level and I love it! My favorite is the remake of Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet dress. I know, I am partial when it comes to Jlaw.

shoes and the city


I know that Sex and the City has been off the air for a while now, but I can’t help but still miss it. What’s not to like: girl talk, beautiful outfits, and the endless shoes. Carrie‘s shoes are gorgeous with so much personality. Don’t you hate it when your show ends? I get personally attached to the characters and feel like I am going through a break up when the series concludes. To cope, I think I need to get some real Carrie shoes from Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe collection. Any excuse to buy new shoes.

hope for mandy


Mandy has not come home since mid last week. Cliff and I are worried that something horrible may have happened to her. Our house is adjacent to a regional park filled with wildlife, including coyotes. We’ve put up flyers and are anxiously waiting.

Mandy and I did not have a great start. She was not exactly accepting of my new role as mommy and was often combative. Despite our rough beginnings, as of late she’s become more sweet and affectionate. Every morning she would meow, asking me to open the patio door for her. She would even cuddle in bed with me. I miss her and pray that she will find her way home.

Happy New Year!



While growing up, Tet (the Vietnamese New Year) was a big deal in our home. It was the most celebrated and fun holiday. I remember we would meticulously clean the house spotless to welcome the new year. Last year, I didn’t get a chance to go home and gorge on new year’s treats (image one.) Tomorrow, however, Cliff and I are going to visit my family, including some extended ones, and we will be giving out lucky money. That was always my favorite part, receiving lucky money in cute red envelopes (image two.) This year I’ve prepared some envelopes for my nieces and nephews, paying it forward. I am also excited for the year of the horse, which is Cliff’s animal sign.

Hope your weekend is filled with happy cheer too!

image source one and two