happy friday + juno’s graduation

Juno graduated from obedience training a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be more proud. On the last day, the trainer evaluated Juno’s understanding of various commands and his temperament–he nearly received a perfect score! Maybe I am bias, but I think Juno was the brightest pup in class;) Can you tell he’s serious about learning?

Here’s all the commands Juno knows so far…

around (walks around object)
back (walks backward)
bang (plays dead)
between (goes between legs)
bow (bows down)
catch (catches object in midair)
circle (walks around in a circle)
come (comes to us)
crawl (crawls forward)
dance (dances on hind legs)
drop (drops whatever is in his mouth)
eh eh (stops whatever he’s doing)
fetch (fetches toy)
find mommy/daddy (finds mommy/daddy)
finish (sits down right next to mommy/daddy)
focus (maintains eye contact)
give (gives whatever is in his mouth)
go get it (fetches object)
go get Mila (herds Mila (the cat) back inside)
go potty (does his business on command)
go say hi (greets others)
go to bed (goes to his bed)
go to crate (goes to his crate)
go to daddy/mommy (goes to daddy/mommy)
grab (grabs an item with his mouth)
heel (halts while walking)
high right/left (gives a high right/left five)
jump (leaps into the air)
kiss (licks face)
leave it (leaves object alone)
leash (brings leash to daddy/mommy)
lie/lay down (lays down)
no (crouches down guiltily)
okay (free to do what he wants)
over (jumps over)
off (jumps off)
roll over (rolls over completely)
shake right/left (offers right/left handshake)
sit (sits down)
stand (stands on all four legs)
stay (stays in one spot)
tug (tugs object)
under (crawls under)
up (stands up on hind legs)
wait (waits for permission)
wave (waves hello/goodbye)

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