dog on top of the world

We’ve spent most of our weekends for the last couple of months organizing our home and shopping for house stuff. It’s amazing how many things you need after you buy a home that you never knew about. The last time we had a non-house-related weekend excursion was in February.

Yesterday, the boys and I hiked about six miles to the top of Mount Tamalpais. There were surprisingly more bikers than hikers on the trail. The hike was painfully long and steep, but well worth it. Juno loved being on top of the world!

On our way home, we of course had to stop by Juno’s favorite place ever…Muir Beach. Juno refused to get near the water during his first visit. This time around he embraced the ocean and swam like a champ. If only he could clean himself up afterwards…

2 thoughts on “dog on top of the world

  1. How fun, wish we could be there as well. It is nice that you all like sharing in the great outdoors.

  2. I think I know exactly the trail you guys were on! 🙂 Love Mt Tam, and Juno! Glad to hear you are getting some rest from home stuff.

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