watercolor tattoo lust



I’ve been seeing more “watercolor” tattoos (like the ones above) and have been considering more seriously about getting one. The soft effect from the watercolor makes the tattoos look more feminine and whimsical. See more on tumblr.


Because I can’t make up my mind ever on just one design, I got a set of temporary tattoos from Tattly. They have such a cute selection.


And I tried the cupcake first, a nod to the first meal Cliff and I ever shared. Yay for removable tattoos for indecisive people.

mouse pad + gold dots


This leather mousepad by Freshly Picked is exactly what I have been looking for to complete my desk space. I like that the mouse pad is made from high quality leather. Unfortunately, the mousepad is no longer available. Don’t you hate it when your favorite items are no longer produced?


Alternatively, I found these pretty suede mouse pads with the cutest gold dots by Heather Rae Designs. I really struggle with settling on just one color though. Am I the only who buys multiple colors of the same item because of indecisiveness? I can’t have enough lovely colors;)

[creative] smoke detectors

Why must smoke detectors be so boring, even borderline ugly? When I see my yellowing, plastic smoke detector, I really want to rip it out. Because I know the fire Marshall will give me the stink eyes, I’ll settle for these…


My kitties would love this bird? Don’t worry if white’s not your color; there are plenty of color options.



And how about this one?