foodies with grandma







As a foodie, I love trying new ethnic dishes (as long as they don’t entail exotic animals or insects.) Gabriele Galimberti was able to capture the story behind different cuisines in her series “Delicatessen with love”. I can almost see a story behind each dish. It’s even more impressive to see how these grandmas cook in less than optimal kitchens. I have been lucky to have authentic Habesha food (last picture) because one of my best friends’ mom knows her way around the kitchen. Nothing beats homemade traditional food.

happy friday + birthday


I know my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but these chocolate macaroons from Richart look soooo delicious. They almost look too cute to eat. Don’t mind me if I don’t share! Tomorrow, Cliff and I are going to San Francisco sans Juno to celebrate my birthday. I am looking forward to finally trying flour + water and see what all the rave is about.

Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

best burger, seriously




My favorite place to get a tasty burger is at Hopdoddy Burger Bar. The fries are perfectly crisped with just the right amount of flavoring. I love the burgers even more, especially la Bandit. Too bad there isn’t a Hopdoddy in the bay area. I have to wait for my annual visit to Texas to have another bite. Maybe it’s for the best; otherwise I’d make myself sick eating there almost everyday.