hope for mandy


Mandy has not come home since mid last week. Cliff and I are worried that something horrible may have happened to her. Our house is adjacent to a regional park filled with wildlife, including coyotes. We’ve put up flyers and are anxiously waiting.

Mandy and I did not have a great start. She was not exactly accepting of my new role as mommy and was often combative. Despite our rough beginnings, as of late she’s become more sweet and affectionate. Every morning she would meow, asking me to open the patio door for her. She would even cuddle in bed with me. I miss her and pray that she will find her way home.

Happy New Year!



While growing up, Tet (the Vietnamese New Year) was a big deal in our home. It was the most celebrated and fun holiday. I remember we would meticulously clean the house spotless to welcome the new year. Last year, I didn’t get a chance to go home and gorge on new year’s treats (image one.) Tomorrow, however, Cliff and I are going to visit my family, including some extended ones, and we will be giving out lucky money. That was always my favorite part, receiving lucky money in cute red envelopes (image two.) This year I’ve prepared some envelopes for my nieces and nephews, paying it forward. I am also excited for the year of the horse, which is Cliff’s animal sign.

Hope your weekend is filled with happy cheer too!

image source one and two

a grand new year

Happy New Year! I hope 2014 will bring you exciting new adventures and much happiness. Last year was mostly about home renovations and making our home more personal and modern. It took a lot of effort and money putting in new flooring and repainting the interior. We had little energy or money left to do fun things such as travel. Well, we are definitely looking forward to this new year of inspiring adventures. We started 2014 visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time! It was absolutely stunning, beyond words.

I am so grateful for a kind and generous boyfriend who works tirelessly to show me the world. I can’t wait to see more places with my other half–he promised to take me to Europe this year! Woohoo to another beautiful year.



[his + hers] rides

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Did you go anywhere exciting? Cliff and I opted to stay home. My dear friend came to visit, but her car overheated while en route. She was recently robbed at gun-point and we didn’t want to leave her stranded in a sketchy neighborhood. Talk about bad luck! I am so grateful she was not harmed.


It was less than three months ago that I was still driving my old Honda Accord. I was paranoid about the Accord breaking down “any minute.” The car would randomly shut down in the middle of driving. Not exactly safe, that’s what Cliff thought! A good reason for him to he buy a new, adventure car…


and give me his old ride. Talk about upgrades!

best friends


Juno loves cuddling with his best friend!


Juno’s best friend’s best friend.


Juno chilin’ in the shade with Uncle Richie.


I met all of my closest friends as an adult (post high school.) A part of me have always envied people like Cliff who still have childhood friends. Unfortunately, all of Cliff’s close friends live in Texas, so he rarely gets to see them. Over the weekend, however, one of his best friends visited us for a few days. Cliff and Juno were both very happy hanging out with Richie, even when it was a little too hot to hike in Little Yosemite. Yay for friendships.

happy friday + genius dog

I used to think Juno was the smartest dog ever (see what he can do here) until I saw this video. Nana, the Border Collie, is so impressively intelligent and agile. My favorite is trick is when Nana jumps on her owner’s feet in the ear. Juno may not do everything Nana can, but he’s still the sweetest dog. I know I am partial;)

Enjoy your weekend!

clumsiness and such


Over the weekend I fell and cut my arm on broken ceramic pieces. The laceration was not “big,” but was deep enough to require stitches.:/ Why must I be so clumsy? It’s been interesting learning how to use my non-dominant hand to get through my daily happenings. As much as I am improving with my left hand, I am looking forward to full use of my right hand again.