no means no, even for dogs

This Husky is very clear about not going into his kennel. His persistent vocalization makes me think about Juno when he was first adopted. We placed Juno in his crate every night and each night he would cry and cry because he wanted to sleep in the same room with us and not be confined alone. After a few weeks of this struggle and sleeplessness, Juno somehow broke out of his locked crate. That was the last night our little Houdini pup ever slept in the crate. Sometimes we need to listen to our pets, especially when they say “no”. I am still dying from watching the video.

classy comedian

Trevor Noah, a comedian from South Africa, is incredibly charismatic and funny. I love that he can deliver a compelling performance about race (in America, South Africa, and Germany) without resorting to foul language or dark humor. He is able balance the sticky nuances of race, but still keep a light-hearted tone without belittling the subject. This bit about eight minutes long and very worthy of your time.

Also, over the weekend I finally saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and loved it. It’s a feel-good movie packed with inspiring visuals.

happy friday + warm bodies


Happy first February Friday! I just read Isaac Marion’s first novel, “Warm Bodies,” and loved his new take on zombies. Unlike Cliff who LOVES all things zombies, I usually don’t care for them because my stomach can’t handle grotesque images and horror well. “Warm Bodies” is the exception. I am looking forward to watching it tonight. Can you think of a better way to start the month of love than watch a romantic comedy about zombies! I couldn’t.

I can’t wait for the super bowl game either. Go Niners!