shoes and the city


I know that Sex and the City has been off the air for a while now, but I can’t help but still miss it. What’s not to like: girl talk, beautiful outfits, and the endless shoes. Carrie‘s shoes are gorgeous with so much personality. Don’t you hate it when your show ends? I get personally attached to the characters and feel like I am going through a break up when the series concludes. To cope, I think I need to get some real Carrie shoes from Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe collection. Any excuse to buy new shoes.

a new hair cut




There is something about a brand new year that makes me want to get a hair cut. It’s an easy way to start the year “fresh.” My hair is one length and very long currently. I prefer to donate my hair to Locks of Love like I’ve done in the past. However, since my hair has been dyed, it’s no longer suitable for donation; plus Cliff would be upset if cut my hair short. Why do most men prefer women with long hair? To compromise, I am thinking about doing layers with long bangs like the inspirations pictured above. What do you think?



My dad pierced my ears when I was a baby while we were living in the refugee camps. Given the conditions at the time, he used tools that were not ideal for piercing, resulting in piercings too large for small studs. At last, I bit the bullet and got a second piercing a few days ago. I am not going to pretend to be tough–my ears are still hurting. I can’t wait until they fully heal and finally start wearing cute little earrings like the ones I found at Vale Jewelry (shown above.) I’d love to wear his and hers initials on each ear. Six more weeks…

Warby Parker






I am way overdue for a new pair of eyeglasses. This time around, I wanted to support Warby Parker, a company that sells eyeglasses for below the overpriced market rate. More importantly, for every pair sold, a pair will be donated to someone who needs it. I love that they sent me five pairs to try on for free at home because I loath doing it in front of other people. I’ve never been great at picking out eye gear, so please help. Which pair do you like?