hope for mandy


Mandy has not come home since mid last week. Cliff and I are worried that something horrible may have happened to her. Our house is adjacent to a regional park filled with wildlife, including coyotes. We’ve put up flyers and are anxiously waiting.

Mandy and I did not have a great start. She was not exactly accepting of my new role as mommy and was often combative. Despite our rough beginnings, as of late she’s become more sweet and affectionate. Every morning she would meow, asking me to open the patio door for her. She would even cuddle in bed with me. I miss her and pray that she will find her way home.

love in a photobooth



If you’ve been to a party lately, then you’ve probably taken pictures in a photobooth–a party without a photobooth is like a party without alcohol. I love that guests can dress in serious or silly accessories and take goofy pictures. With enough practice, maybe Cliff and I can make cute collages like the ones above? And I mean a lot of practice (see below.)


photo one, two