watercolor tattoo lust



I’ve been seeing more “watercolor” tattoos (like the ones above) and have been considering more seriously about getting one. The soft effect from the watercolor makes the tattoos look more feminine and whimsical. See more on tumblr.


Because I can’t make up my mind ever on just one design, I got a set of temporary tattoos from Tattly. They have such a cute selection.


And I tried the cupcake first, a nod to the first meal Cliff and I ever shared. Yay for removable tattoos for indecisive people.

no means no, even for dogs

This Husky is very clear about not going into his kennel. His persistent vocalization makes me think about Juno when he was first adopted. We placed Juno in his crate every night and each night he would cry and cry because he wanted to sleep in the same room with us and not be confined alone. After a few weeks of this struggle and sleeplessness, Juno somehow broke out of his locked crate. That was the last night our little Houdini pup ever slept in the crate. Sometimes we need to listen to our pets, especially when they say “no”. I am still dying from watching the video.

a new hair cut




There is something about a brand new year that makes me want to get a hair cut. It’s an easy way to start the year “fresh.” My hair is one length and very long currently. I prefer to donate my hair to Locks of Love like I’ve done in the past. However, since my hair has been dyed, it’s no longer suitable for donation; plus Cliff would be upset if cut my hair short. Why do most men prefer women with long hair? To compromise, I am thinking about doing layers with long bangs like the inspirations pictured above. What do you think?

classy comedian

Trevor Noah, a comedian from South Africa, is incredibly charismatic and funny. I love that he can deliver a compelling performance about race (in America, South Africa, and Germany) without resorting to foul language or dark humor. He is able balance the sticky nuances of race, but still keep a light-hearted tone without belittling the subject. This bit about eight minutes long and very worthy of your time.

Also, over the weekend I finally saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and loved it. It’s a feel-good movie packed with inspiring visuals.

foodies with grandma







As a foodie, I love trying new ethnic dishes (as long as they don’t entail exotic animals or insects.) Gabriele Galimberti was able to capture the story behind different cuisines in her series “Delicatessen with love”. I can almost see a story behind each dish. It’s even more impressive to see how these grandmas cook in less than optimal kitchens. I have been lucky to have authentic Habesha food (last picture) because one of my best friends’ mom knows her way around the kitchen. Nothing beats homemade traditional food.