hope for mandy


Mandy has not come home since mid last week. Cliff and I are worried that something horrible may have happened to her. Our house is adjacent to a regional park filled with wildlife, including coyotes. We’ve put up flyers and are anxiously waiting.

Mandy and I did not have a great start. She was not exactly accepting of my new role as mommy and was often combative. Despite our rough beginnings, as of late she’s become more sweet and affectionate. Every morning she would meow, asking me to open the patio door for her. She would even cuddle in bed with me. I miss her and pray that she will find her way home.

happy friday + hungry kitty


Sometimes Mila annoys me with her persistent whining. She acts like she’s a starving cat, demanding for food even when there’s kibble in her bowl. Mila lives to eat, to the detriment of her waistline. Gotta love her though!

Hope you have a food-filed weekend.

i. Mila spilled her food container because I didn’t give her breakfast soon enough. She then proceeded to eat off the floor.
ii. Mila doing whatever it takes to reach her food bowl.

(Instagram images via Kieuthings)

kitty crisis

If you have cat(s) or dog(s), you probably love them like your children. They’re family. Mila is my first baby and is special to me. Today’s events reaffirmed my emotional attachment to her. When I came home today, I found her covered in blood. I panicked and cried. I don’t know how I managed to transport her to the vet safely (nearly getting into several accidents on the way). While sitting at the vet, I realized I had house shoes on still. I didn’t care though. All I could think about was how much I love her and how I wasn’t ready to let her go…

Luckily, Mila only punctured her tongue. I am grateful that she’s going to recover and will continue to be a source of unlimited joy!

Here’s to happy, healthy kitties!