fashion by mayhem





This is too amazing not to share. It’s like Project Runway in a kid’s craft room. Mayhem’s mom is, dare I say, the coolest! She encourages her daughter to dream and be creative–what little girl hasn’t fantasize about dressing up like a princess or a superhero? Together, they make the dresses out of paper and other cheap, crafty materials. What a great opportunity for bonding and learning. Fashion by Mayhem has taken dress up to whole new level and I love it! My favorite is the remake of Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet dress. I know, I am partial when it comes to Jlaw.

comfort + style



Before I met Cliff, my shoe collection was dominated by stilettos that added three, four, five, even six inches to my height. I loved wearing high heels. But that was then. Given all the walking and hiking Cliff and I do together, high heels seem less and less comfortable. Although I still love wearing my heels, I have grown to appreciate my flats, including my newest addition–neon Rebecca Minkoff sandals (an early birthday present from Cliff’s parents. Thank you Linda and Max!) It’s amazing how many pairs of (flat) shoes I’ve acquired in the nearly three years Cliff and I have been together. What girl doesn’t love shoes?!