shoes and the city


I know that Sex and the City has been off the air for a while now, but I can’t help but still miss it. What’s not to like: girl talk, beautiful outfits, and the endless shoes. Carrie‘s shoes are gorgeous with so much personality. Don’t you hate it when your show ends? I get personally attached to the characters and feel like I am going through a break up when the series concludes. To cope, I think I need to get some real Carrie shoes from Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe collection. Any excuse to buy new shoes.

comfort + style



Before I met Cliff, my shoe collection was dominated by stilettos that added three, four, five, even six inches to my height. I loved wearing high heels. But that was then. Given all the walking and hiking Cliff and I do together, high heels seem less and less comfortable. Although I still love wearing my heels, I have grown to appreciate my flats, including my newest addition–neon Rebecca Minkoff sandals (an early birthday present from Cliff’s parents. Thank you Linda and Max!) It’s amazing how many pairs of (flat) shoes I’ve acquired in the nearly three years Cliff and I have been together. What girl doesn’t love shoes?!

happy valentine’s

Do you have anything special planned for today? Cliff and I celebrated early this year to avoid the crowd (and because we waited too long to make reservations). We dressed up (photo three) and treated ourselves to a fancy dinner at Wente. It was one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time–everything was perfectly delicious for a food coma! We even brought some leftover steak home for the dog, Juno, that happily performed all his tricks for them:)

Juno wrote me the cutest Valentine’s card (photo four) and apologized for destroying my sparkly shoes (photo five). He bought replacement shoes and hid them in his crate, where his treats are usually hidden, for me to find (photo six).

It has been a wonderful Valentine’s and I am looking forward to the rest of it. Hope your’s too. Happy Valentine’s Day!